Adoption Process Thru APO

The adoption process begins with information gathering. Details of APO's adoption program are outlined in the information packet.  It is our intention to make the process as easy as possible.   If both husband and wife feel they meet our eligibility requirements after reading the entire information packet, we invite them to complete the on-line "Fact Sheet."  As the name implies, the "Fact Sheet" just gives us your basic facts so we may contact you about the date of our next Adoption Information meeting.

We look forward to working with you on your journey of adoption!

Information Packet

*Note:  As of February 2013, we do not anticipate an intake of new adoptive couples for approximately 11-12 months.  The decision of when to re-open the intake process will be based upon the number of adoptions that APO facilitates over the next few months.  Even with that said, we still invite you to learn about APO by reading through the information packet and submitting a "Fact Sheet" if you want to remain in the loop and receive information about our next round of intakes.