Services for Adoptive Parents

Aggieland Pregnancy Outreach provides services to families beginning with their first quesitons about adoption, to the application process, the placement of a child in their home and throughout the lifetime of the adopted child.

Our services are explained in detail in our information Packet found on our Adoption Process page.

Here is a brief overview:

Adoption Information:  For questions that are not answered in our web site, we invite families to give us a call.  Everyone has unique situations and questions about adoption.  We are here to help whether you choose to adopt through APO or move on to a different agency.

Adoption Education:  We take "information" to the next level.  After attending our free Info Meeting and our 2 Day Adoption Education seminar (fee to attend), you will be very well trained about adoption history, current/various practices, basic adoption law, basic issues affecting adopted children.

Home Studies:  We conduct the home studies for famiiies adopting through APO who live within a 45 mile radius of Bryan/College Station.  For families beyond our area, we sometimes contract with a social worker closer to you, or if our schedule permits, our social worker will travel to you.  Occasionally we provide contract home studies for individuals/other agencies in our area, but our availability depends on our case load at the time of the request.

Adoption Placement:  Our professional team walks you through every step.  We help you navigate the joy and excitement that arises when you "get the call" that you have been chosen.  We are your support system during the flood of emotions that encompass the hospital experience:  the birthmother's labor, her minimum of 2 days before she can make the final decision for adoption .... or not.  We handle all the legal paperwork and court appearances for the termination of the birthparent's rights. 

After Placement: We provide the required minimum of 6 months post-placement supervision and prepare all documents necessary for the court for finalization after the baby is at least 6 months old.  Additionally, we are available for adopiton counseling down the road, throughout the life of the adopted person.