Veronica Wiggins


Veronica Wiggins photoI first became involved with APO in June 2007 as a volunteer in the office. After seeing the hearts of the staff and the work that APO did with the girls who came to them, I knew that I wanted to become a more active participant on a daily basis. I had previously worked with a Maternity Ministry in Austin, TX before marrying and moving to College Station in 2003.  I felt that I was missing out by no longer being involved in that type of ministry, so after talking with Kim and praying for guidance I came on staff in Sept. 2009.

I currently serve on The Prenatal Clinic board of directors.  Previously, I worked for 20 years in the healthcare field with children.  I have a heart to help give them a healthy start and the best life possible. I believe that here at APO they are given both of those opportunities.

I have been blessed with 5 wonderful children, 2 whom I gave birth to, and 3 I was blessed with when I married Steve in 2003. We attend Grace Bible Church in College Station, TX and enjoy giving back to our community.