Victoria Buckwalter

Victoria's head shotPregnancy Options Counselor and Case Manager

To say that I love children is an understatement, but I have grown to love the adults in their lives even more...but I get ahead of myself.

Howdy! Yes, I can legitimately use that phrase because I am an Aggie, class of '84. I studied Business Administration with an emphasis on Marketing because I was fascinated with the consumer process - the way people make decisions about what they purchase or how they choose to invest their time.

I find great joy in watching things grow - plants, animals, and children. Challenges make my blood race and reaching a goal or finishing a project brings great satisfaction. Canning, gardening, crafting, needlework or any other pursuit that allows me to begin with raw materials and come up with a useable or pleasing product brings me relaxation of soul and satisfaction of mind.

My professional career has taken many turns in the time I have lived in Bryan/College Station. I began as a hair designer to put myself through college. I had an opportunity to purchase a small salon and became a small business owner as well. Upon graduating from TAMU, I continued in the hair business because of the relationships with the clientele I had built. During this time, I developed deep and impactful relationships for support and help as I faced personal struggles through the next stage of my life.

When my first daughter Sarah was born, I knew that being her MOM was the only thing I could really find joy in doing. I reduced my work schedule to part-time and invested my time helping her learn about the world. Through ensuing emotional challenges in my personal life, I learned much about myself as a woman created in the image of God. He taught me through the Holy Spirit how He could meet my emotional needs when other humans could not. I was blessed to have Moriah born 22 months later. To be the Mom and wife I desired to be, work would have to take a hiatus.

A year later, I began to work a few hours a week in the Children's Day Out program at Grace Bible Church. I thought I was going there to be involved with the children, but I soon learned that the adults I interacted with were the real treasure. Soon after, placed into leadership in the nursery my exposure to Aggies who worked or volunteered in the nursery, families and adult staff members broadened my experiences more. A coordinator position guiding the leadership for seven children's ministries and gave me more opportunity to interact with the church leadership as well as a wider array of the Church body.

In each transition, I grew to depend on God's loving will and direction for my life and less in my personal ability. I shared my life with people who were struggling with issues God had comforted and brought me through. I also was able to learn the wisdom others had gained and the comfort they had received from God through their trials as they walked alongside as I struggled.

I had prayed for APO since its inception and followed its progress. I have known Kim for several years through our activities at church. We also shared a relationship with an Aggie to whom we became very attached. My relationship with this Aggie showed me how much college students need and want adults to share their struggles and from whom they can learn wisdom.

September of 2001, Kim and I were chatting as a new semester was beginning. This day God prompted me to ask what help she needed to write the policies and procedures to obtain a license to become an adoption agency. She told me and I was astonished that it so closely resembled work I had done writing children's ministry training and policy manuals. After much prayer, we decided that I would join her to write on a contract basis.

While writing and learning about many things, an acute awareness was born of the life-changing impact this ministry could make in the lives of women and men struggling with an unplanned pregnancy. Remember it is adults who will shape the lives of children, I have grown to love intensely. My own parenting experience had shown me that the more I know about God and have a daily relationship with Jesus Christ the better I can love and parent my children. One morning Kim and I discussed the possibility of my involvement growing to that of counselor and caseworker as the need for an additional counselor grew. More prayer, meeting with the Board of Directors and counsel from other Christians confirmed this move to work with APO.

Now you know how I got here! I consider it a blessing to be able to work where God's priorities for my life are not compromised. A count it a privilege to share in the life of and guide the adults who determine the quality of children's lives - God's most precious gift aside from Christ. It is also an honor to share the truth about God and His desire for all people to know Him personally, intimately and eternally through the salvation of His Son, Jesus Christ.

I look forward to the opportunity to meet you and help you prepare to meet your child's needs now and from the first day of their precious life.